I’ve long been cautious about protecting my personal information, and you should be too—identity theft is a growing problem. While you hear a lot about online security, it’s easy to forget that criminals often access data the old fashioned way, from digging through trash. To the rescue: the Guard Your ID ink roller. This handy little tool lets you swipe black ink over your personal information on junk mail, magazine labels, prescription drug bottles and more. The ink comes out in a pattern that makes it impossible to decipher the print underneath, and it even works on glossy surfaces. It’s far less tedious than using a shredder, and more eco-conscious too, because shredded paper often can’t be recycled (though that varies by location). I keep a few of the ink rollers around the house and make sure that nothing private hits the trash without a swipe.

Image credit: GuardYourIDStamp.com

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