Your bed might just be the most important item in your home—it should be an absolute pleasure to sink into at night and wake up in come morning. Here are a few tips on how to make your bed as inviting as possible:

  • Choose your sheets carefully, since they are what touches your skin. Before you buy, think about what feel you prefer, then choose a material and a weave that suits you. Cotton sheets are easier to care for than silk or linen (and usually more affordable), and within the cotton category there are two main types of weaves: Pique, which has a crisp feel, and sateen, which is silkier.
  • Whether you top your sheets with a bedspread, duvet or coverlet is also a matter of personal preference. If you do go the duvet route, I’d recommend taking an extra minute to really smooth it out when you make your bed in the morning.  Duvets can look lumpy and I find a neat bed to be the most appealing (but that’s just me . . . beds are very personal!).
  • Honestly, you don’t even need a bedspread—you can buy an extra flat sheet in the same pattern as the bed sheets, then layer a light blanket over the main sheets and place the extra sheet on top of that. Fold the top down and voila, a tailored, color-coordinated coverlet effect.
  • I love to top my bed with a profusion of beautiful pillows and I prefer three layers of them to two. It just feels so much more luxurious. One basic pillow arrangement that always looks nice: Place two big Euro-sized pillows against the headboard or wall, then place two regular-sized pillows in front of those and finish off the look with a couple of boudoir pillows or a bolster in a lovely fabric, or with a monogram.
  • Finally, ignore people who tell you that you have to spend a fortune on bed linen—these days you can find beautiful ones at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Tuesday Morning.

Sweet dreams!

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