Creating a gorgeous centerpiece for your table shouldn’t be stressful and doesn’t need to be expensive. When choosing flowers for a centerpiece, I usually stick to a basic formula: Either mix a variety of flowers in one color, or limit yourself to one type of flower but use multiple colors. Going with either one palette or one type of flower guarantees that your arrangement will be chic and impossible to screw up. This even works with cheap flowers from the supermarket or corner store—just ditch any extra greenery or filler like baby’s breath, cut the stems so they’re similar in length, put the flowers into a beautiful vase and you’re good to go.

Of course roses are my favorite flower, so I tend to use them a lot on my table. When I’m going for a clean, modern look, I choose same-sized rose buds then cut their stems all the same length and pack them tightly into a low vase.  But for a more romantic effect, you can use roses in a variety of sizes and colors and let them spill out of a vase—you really can’t go wrong with roses!

For some photos of simple, beautiful centerpieces that would be easy to DIY, check out my Pinterest page.



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