It’s pretty rare to discover an invention that makes your daily life easier, but the Pocket Hose is truly a game changer for anybody who loves plants and flowers as much as I do. This “as seen on TV” gadget is super tiny and tidy when not in use—one fits in the palm of your hand—but extends into a full-sized hose when you turn on the tap. Plus, the Pocket Hose never twists, kinks or tangles, and when you turn off the water it shrinks right back to its original size. The hose is also very light weight (so watering your garden won’t feel like a work out) but they say it’s strong enough to pull an SUV . . . I haven’t tried that, but since the pocket hose is so miraculous I don’t doubt it.

The hoses come in a variety of sizes and colors, plus they’re affordable and come with a money-back guarantee. I think they’d make great holiday gifts for those tricky-to-buy-for friends and family. And no, September is definitely not too early to be thinking about the holidays!  (You can get more details and order them on the Pocket Hose website.)

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