I am always on the hunt for ways to be more organized, and you might be surprised at how much new technology I use.  Here are some of my favorite techie products and services that help streamline and simplify:

Go paperless (really): Imagine how much less cluttered and chaotic your desk, counters and life would be if you could go paperless—well it’s a possibility when you combine the cloud storage website Evernote with the DoxieGo scanner.  Evernote is free service that lets you store and organize all of your documents photos, and notes to yourself.  And DoxieGo is a sleek, portable scanner that lets you upload all those papers to Evernote so you can throw them in the recycling (though I’d recommend shredding them first).

Keep your contacts up-to-date: I never seem to get around to updating my contacts, and now I don’t have to—thanks to Evercontact, which automatically scans the signatures of your incoming emails and updates your database of contacts to match.

Sign documents digitally: To sign documents without bothering to print them out and scan them back in, sign up for HelloSign, which lets you “sign” on the dotted line with a click of your mouse, and is legally binding.

Digitize your to-do list: The website ToDoist lets you organize all of your projects, break them into tasks, assign yourself due dates and then integrate your to-do list across all of your devices.

Never forget (or need to remember) a password: A genius free tool called Dashlane stores all of your passwords and logs you into websites automatically, so you never again have to waste time trying to remember your login info to those sites that you only use occasionally.  And if somebody hacks into one of your accounts, Dashlane detects it and alerts you immediately.

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