If you’re like me you look for original, not-too-expensive gift ideas at this time of year, and my candy bar Christmas tree fits the bill. They’re super-easy to craft yourself, and make a more personal gift than a bottle of wine or box of store-bought chocolates. Give candy trees to holiday hostesses, children’s teachers and any helpful people in your life whom you want to thank at the holidays. If you know that your recipient likes a certain type of candy, you can use that brand or flavor to personalize the tree. These can also make great party decorations–encourage your guests to grab their favorite bar!

What you’ll need:

  • A round basket or flowerpot (I recommend a 12 inch one, which you can buy at any craft store)
  • Full-size candy bars, in a variety of brands and wrapper colors (They should be big enough to go a few inches past the edge of the basket.)
  • One large thin bag of popcorn (find at Smart and Final) or a Styrofoam cone (find at the craft store)
  • Double-sided tape or a cool glue gun (not a hot glue gun, which would melt the candy bars)


  1. Tape or glue the popcorn bag or Styrofoam cone to the center of your basket.
  2. Work all the way around the popcorn or Styrofoam attaching candy bars to the rim of the basket. This will create the base of your tree.
  3. Working your way up the popcorn bag, attach rows of candy bars so that they look like branches of a Christmas tree.
  4. At the top of tree, add a Christmas decoration like a little bell, star or angel figurine.

Voila–a delicious, totally original gift or decoration!

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