Yes, you know already, it is COLD outside in most of the country! Okay, that’s not really true here in Los Angeles, but I sympathize with the rest of the nation, I really do. Now that I own an apartment in New York and travel there frequently for my work as a Broadway producer, I had to learn how to dress for cold weather for the first time in my life. Here’s my go-to outfit that keeps me warm while looking stylish (or as stylish as I can when I’m freezing!):

The Puffer Coat: This is an absolute essential when you need to walk for more than a block at freezing temperatures. I like a version that hits mid-thigh and has a drawstring waist to add a bit of shape and keep me from looking too much like the Michelin Man!

Tall Boots: The most wonderful footwear for freezing days is a pair of flat leather boots that rise up above the knees. They really protect your legs from the chill without looking utilitarian.

A Cross-Body Bag:  I find it’s essential to free up my hands so I can keep them in my pockets when necessary.

Thick Leggings: Since they hug your legs, no icy wind can get between your pants and your skin.

Bright Colors: No matter how dreary the weather, I always wear something bright when it’s cold out.  Call me crazy, but I think wearing a bright red jacket on a below freezing day makes me feel warmer!

A Cute Scarf, Hat and Gloves:  Of course these accessories are essential, and if you need new ones you can find them at great prices right now during mid-winter sales (like the one at Nordstrom).

Stay warm, everybody!  And try to remember that the days are getting longer, so we’re on the upswing to the balmy days of summer.

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