I love discovering small businesses with a great story behind them, so I was delighted to learn about Further soap.  This hand soap is made of glycerin that’s derived from recycled restaurant cooking oil—restaurants turn over their used oil, then Further turns it into biodiesel, and the leftover glycerin is turned into soap.  I realize that soap derived from restaurant grease might not sound “squeaky clean,” but the soap has a delicious grass-and-bergamot scent and it looks, lathers and cleans just like any other high-quality liquid soap you’ve tried.

The story behind the soap is that the company was founded by a married couple after the wife got exasperated by her frugal husband’s habit of making biodiesel in their garage using cooking oil he’d collected from local restaurants. (He used the biodiesel to fuel his old Mercedes.)  She decided that there must be a business there somewhere, and the soap idea was born. They also make dish soap, hand lotion and scented candles.

In addition to selling it online and in boutiques around the country, Further gives their soap to the restaurants they collect oil from, and the restaurants use it in their bathrooms, completing a “sustainable circle.”

Image courtesy of Further Products

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