The clocks “spring forward” this weekend, and while it’s never fun to feel you’ve had an hour of sleep stolen, I always love the longer days because that’s when it really feels like spring has arrived.  Even though Los Angeles winters are famously mild, we do have winters here—the sun is lower in the sky, the days are shorter just like they are everywhere else—so we look forward to spring just like the rest of the country! To celebrate the new season, try these tips for bringing a springtime feel to your space:

Bring in spring flowers.  There are certain flowers that are inextricably linked with spring—lilacs, peonies, hyacinths, irises, ranunculus.  Buy yourself a bouquet of one of them to instantly bring the season into your home.

Add a conversation-provoking coffee table book. A big art or photography book centered on your coffee table can add a pop of design to the look of a room, and flipping through it whenever you have a minute will provide inspiration. Vanity Fair: 100 Years is a recent release with a sleek, graphic cover and tons of gorgeous photos inside (you can leave it open to different photos on different days, to match your mood).  Any book of Slim Aarons photographs provides a dose of glamour, and the color-saturated covers show places like Palm Beach pools and Mediterranean retreats, to help you start dreaming of summer. But the best way to discover a beautiful and unique art or photography book is by hunting in used book or antique stores, something I love to do.

Conquer clutter. Now I would never tell you to ruthlessly throw things out (as you may have heard, I am not a minimalist).  But spring is a great time to take a look around your home and identify things that you no longer need or no longer love, and donate them to somebody who could use them.  I recently heard a good tip about de-cluttering closets: If you have clothes that you haven’t worn in years, but don’t want to give away for nostalgic reasons, get them out of your bedroom closet and put them in a special storage bin (or a guest room closet, if you have the space) and admit that you are keeping them purely for nostalgic reasons. The idea is that your closet should only be filled with things you actually wear, and not with nostalgia items or collectibles that have nothing to do with getting dressed each day.

Whiten up.  Banish winter from a room by adding something white. Paint a piece of wood furniture a high-gloss white, buy simple white slipcovers for a sofa or other upholstered piece, or re-frame a piece of art in a white frame. Even something as simple as a bright white vase (filled with spring flowers—see above!) can make a surprisingly big difference. Happy shades of aqua and sea foam have the same effect.


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