Air travel presents a dilemma: You want to be comfortable during the flight and at the airport, without looking like a schlub when you arrive at your destination! (If only it were as easy as the model on the right makes it look!) Here are a few of my travel-tested pointers for staying comfortably stylish at 30,000 feet.

A soft, beautiful wrap is essential. A wrap, wide scarf or shawl in a cozy material like cashmere will keep you warm and maybe even help you sleep when you’re in the air, but will assure you look stylish once you land. Choose one in a punchy color or beautiful pattern.

Layer it on. I try to wear a thin tee shirt under a cardigan or lightweight jacket, plus a warmer jacket. Airplane temperatures can fluctuate wildly, so be prepared for anything. Also, if you spill something on one of your layers, you’ll be able to cover it up with one of the others.

Choose the right shoes. Comfortable shoes that you can easily slip on and off are key. Think ballet slippers, driving moccasins or nice loafers. Either wear cozy socks or pack a pair in your carry-on so you can slip your shoes off on the plane while keeping your feet warm (especially crucial on a red eye).

Remember the weather at your destination. If you’re heading someplace tropical and sunny, pack sandals in your carry on and wear a short-sleeved shirt under your other layers, so you can feel comfortable and appropriate for the location as soon as you land. Few things are worse than waiting to get through customs in a steamy tropical airport wearing your city boots and sweater. The opposite goes for travel to cold climates, of course. Remember your coat and gloves!

Bring your own snacks. You never know what you’re going to get with airline food. Sometimes it’s reasonably tasty, but often it’s inedible, and sometimes they run out of options before they get to your aisle. I always carry a few healthy snacks like fruit, nuts and crackers so I won’t starve. No, that’s not a style tip exactly, but you’ll feel better (and therefore look better) if you’re well fed on your journey. Happy travels!


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