Although some people would have you believe otherwise, discovering your best colors is more art than science. Here are a few flexible tips I’ve picked up on how to wear your most flattering colors:

It’s all about undertones. Most people’s skin has either warm or cool undertones, and these are separate from skin color (dark-skinned people can have cool undertones, and pale people can have warm ones). People with cool skin tones tend to look better in blues and blue-tinged shades of red, pink, green, and silver, while people with warm skin tones are flattered by reds, oranges, browns, and gold.

Your wrists hold the key. To determine if your skin has warm or cool undertones, look at the veins in your wrist—if they appear blue you have cool-toned skin, but if they appear greenish then you have warm-toned skin (because the yellow tones in your skin make your blue veins look slightly green).  It may be hard to do this on your own, so the next time you are lunching with a group of girlfriends try comparing veins to see whose are more blue, whose are more green, and where yours fall.

Think about what gets you compliments. Do you always receive compliments when you wear certain colorful shirts or dresses?  Pay attention, and buy more outfits in those colors.

What’s next to your face is all that really matters. If you know that, say, pink makes you look amazing, but a pink shirt or dress is simply not your style, try wearing a pink scarf at your neck, or a pink pendant or necklace (in rose quartz or pink sapphire, perhaps). On the other hand, if you love a color (say, green) but know it’s not one of your best, wear a skirt, pair of shoes, or handbag in that hue, paired with a top that flatters your skin tone.


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