If you’d like to do some holiday entertaining without the effort and expense required to host an evening affair, why not invite your girlfriends over for a cookie swap? These events are low-effort but big fun, and serve the practical purpose of letting each guest leave with an assortment of homemade cookies to serve at the holidays. Here’s what to do:

Calculate your cookie needs: Tell your guests how many cookies to bring. You want everybody to go home with about two dozen homemade cookies, and have some extras to nibble on at the party.

Serve festive drinks and healthy snacks: You don’t need to serve serious food (there will be ample calories in the room already), but put out some trays of crudités or other light munchies to balance out the sweet stuff. Serve hot cocoa, hot apple cider or hot toddies to add to the holiday spirit (even if you’re in LA and it’s in the 70s!).

Offer pretty packaging: Give each guest a festive container for the cookies she’s taking home, like these affordable holiday cookie containers.

Share the sweetness: While you’re putting together your own cookie boxes, create a few extra to donate to the local homeless shelter, fire station, or other community organization.

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