As you may have heard, I am passionate about creating beautiful-looking gifts. I stock up on wrapping paper, ribbon and decorative present toppers all year round. You don’t have to live in a “manor” to have a well-organized space devoted to gift wrapping–you could transform a guest room bureau or a spare closet into your personal wrapping studio! Here are my tips on keeping your wrapping area well organized:

Clear plastic drawers are key: Sets of clear drawers, like these affordable acrylic ones, allow you to organize your present toppers by color or theme (birthday, child, holiday, etc.) and make them easy to see and access.

Sort gift boxes by size: Keep your gift boxes in one area, and group them according to size. If you store small boxes inside of larger ones it will make the small ones impossible to find.

Lay tissue paper flat: It will be easier to access and less likely to wrinkle if you store it flat, in a drawer or an under-the-bed organizer.

Keep gift bags separate: It’s helpful to have a large selection of gift bags on hand for those gifts that are hard to wrap because of odd shapes, and because when you’re in a rush it’s so easy to pop a gift in a beautiful bag with some tissue. Lay the gift bags flat so they won’t take up too much room. It’s helpful to store gift bags in their own pull-out drawer.

Happy wrapping!

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