A new year is a natural time to take stock of your closet and decide which looks to step back from, and which pieces you should wear to look more contemporary. I’d never tell you to be a slave to the trends, but don’t your look get stale either! Some key swaps to make now:

Stash: Chunky statement necklaces, Spotlight: Delicate necklaces. Big, bright necklaces have been one of the most fun trends of the past few years, but at this point they are far from new. Instead, layer delicate necklaces featuring small charms or interesting details.

Stash: Long cardigans, Spotlight: Cropped jackets. Listen, I love the coziness of a drapey sweater as much as the next lady, but lately the trend is more toward waist-length jackets, which give a crisp, “together” effect to any outfit. Classic denim jackets are also back!

Stash: Ballet flats, Spotlight: Booties. Ballet-inspired slip-ons are a timeless look, but because they’re so classic and comfortable it’s easy to fall into a rut and wear them every. single. day. Mix it up and add some flat ankle boots or low-heeled booties to your footwear wardrobe. (Sam Edelman makes chic, affordable ones.) They’re just as practical as ballet flats but will have you feeling a bit more up-to-the-moment.


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