You’ve been there: You’re bringing a homemade pie, cake or tart to a party or dinner but don’t have the right bag for transporting it. Some bags are too big and the pie will slide around, others are too small. The flip side of this challenge is when you want to send somebody home with a slice of pie or dessert and are stuck wrapping that beautiful treat up in foil or sending the guest home with a piece of your Tupperware.

Well, I have found some solutions to these dessert-transporting dilemmas! The first is a flat, square cotton tote that opens from the top and is the perfect thing for transporting a pie, quiche or similarly-sized delicacy. This is a traditional French design made by ÀPLAT in San Francisco. When you’re hosting and it’s time to send guests home with slices of extra dessert, use these adorable, perfectly shaped pie slice boxes from The Pie Academy. If you love to bake (or just buy) delicious desserts for a group these handy items may be your new essentials.

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