As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Mahjong. I have a group of women I meet with regularly to play, and I always eagerly anticipate these games (and the accompanying gab sessions). We usually meet mid-day, and when I host I try to serve a lunch that’s festive but not fussy—so we can keep the focus on the game. This is a great menu for a game group, a book group, a philanthropy meeting, or any girlfriend-focused gathering:

Bespoke salad bar: I serve a few fresh salads and offer a range of protein options—usually chicken breast, cold shrimp and lentils—so my guests can customize their greens with the protein of their choice. It seems like everybody is on a specific diet these days, but with this strategy it’s not hard to make everyone happy.

Herbal iced teas: I find that subtly flavored iced tea is a refreshing crowd-pleaser. I have sugar and sweetener on hand for people who want that.

Guilt-free indulgence: For dessert I serve fruit sorbets, which end the meal with a delicious bit of sweetness but are light enough that nobody will feel weighed down the rest of the day.

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