With the arrival of spring you probably feel like you need some new clothes. But before you pull out your credit card, try “shopping your closet” to discover old items that might feel new again. Here are a few tips on how to go about it:

Dig deep. Bring out pieces from the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in a few years. The fashion world seems to be cycling through trends faster than ever before, so items that felt “out” for a while might suddenly feel “in” again. (But if these clothes no longer fit or you simply don’t like them, give them away to reduce clutter.)

Mix casual and fancy. We dress more casually today than we did even a few years ago, so a good way to make older pieces feel fresh is to try mixing them with more low-key looks. Take tailored trousers that you once wore with a silk blouse and instead pair them with a thin cotton tee, a long, lightweight cardigan, and heels or wedges. Try combining a dressy skirt with a chambray button-down shirt and flat sandals or ballet slippers. See if an old silk blouse can be updated when paired with jeans or worn under a moto jacket.

Try an app for that. Yes, there’s now a tech tool to help you shop your closet. Called StyleBook, it keeps track of what’s in your closet and allows you to mix and match pieces to create outfit ideas, which it then stores for you. This involves snapping photos of all of your clothing but, in theory anyway, that time and effort will pay off by making it easier to get dressed each day.

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