There’s an app for absolutely everything these days, but it’s still rare to discover one that you actually use more than a few times. The best apps make your life run more smoothly, and these four fit the bill: Key Ring: If you love loyalty and reward cards from stores where you shop frequently, then this app will streamline your wallet considerably and probably save you money. The Key Ring app saves your reward card info so it can be scanned directly from your phone at the cash register. Plus deals and offers are constantly refreshed and redeemable from your phone. Shoeboxed: Another tool for keeping your wallet clutter-free, Shoeboxed scans your paper receipts so you can toss them out. It also helps you organize and track your expenses to make budgeting and tax prep easier. Artkive: If you have kids or grandkids you know what prolific little artists they can be. The Artkive app lets you easily photograph a child’s masterpieces and organize them by date, child and more. Once the work has been “Artkived” you don’t need to feel guilty about eventually  moving some of it to the trash. The app also makes it easy to share little ones’ work with grandparents and other far away relatives, and to turn it into books and keepsakes. Trello: When you are collaborating on a project it can be hard to keep the stream of emails and shared documents organized. Enter Trello, an app and website that allow you to work with others in an easy, very visual way. You can share notes, photos and links with your partners in an asynchronous way and have everything stored in one very accessible place. You can also set it up to send reminders to everybody working on your project, so you all stay on track at the same pace. It’s a great tool for both professional projects and domestic ones like redecorating a room or planning a party.

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