Finding beautiful and distinctive art doesn’t require an advanced degree in art history or a huge budget. If you have empty walls (or your rooms just need a refresh), consider these sources of affordable art:

Online galleries: The internet has made fine art available to all at some very reasonable prices. On The Posters, you’ll find limited-edition fine art lithographs in the $50 range (and a percentage of the site’s proceeds go to arts education non-profits!). The Tappan Collective showcases paintings, photographs, drawings and prints by emerging artists, all gently priced and many under $100. Love the art featured at right? Scroll to the bottom of the post to shop it.

Local auction houses: Sure, famous auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s make headlines with record-breaking art prices, but smaller local auction houses can be the source of great deals.

Your own photos: Today’s cameras make it a cinch to snap photos that look gallery quality, and makes it quick and affordable to have your photos framed or printed on canvas.

Little artists in training: The children in your life probably produce some pretty amazing art. Why not give their masterpieces a place on your wall? Investing in professional framing for a child or grandchild’s painting will give it a polished, living-room worthy look, and you’ll still save money since you can pay the artist in cookies!

Shop the art featured in this post:

Top: Artist: Lani Trock, image courtesy of Tappan Collective. Shop it.

Middle: Artist: Nate Lowman, image courtesy of The Posters. Shop it.

Bottom: Artist: Gia Coppola, image courtesy of Tappan Collective. Shop it.

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