The secret to eating better is planning ahead. With a little organization you can ensure that the next time you’re hungry you’ll reach for something delicious and body-friendly. Here are a few tips for making healthy eating easier:

Prep produce in advance. Get in the habit of cleaning and prepping your fruits and veggies as soon as you get home from the store. Having ready-to-eat produce in the fridge makes it easy to satisfy snack attacks with celery sticks, radishes or tangerine slices instead of chips, and a cinch to throw together a salad at the end of a busy day.

Make healthy food for days. It’s simple advice but easy to forget: Whenever you invest time in making a healthy meal or snack, make at least two or three servings and eat the extras in the days ahead. Some ideas: Blend up three servings of smoothie and store the extras in two mason jars for the following mornings; instead of making a single veggie omelette made a big veggie frittata and save the extra servings; grill a big portion of fish for dinner and serve the leftover on top of greens for tomorrow’s lunch.

Stock up on healthy staples. If your shelves contain some basics like brown rice or whole wheat pasta, dried lentils, a jar of roma tomatoes, olive oil, sea salt and dried herbs you’ll always be able to whip up a simple healthy meal instead of ordering take-out. To make healthy home cooking even easier, grow herbs like parsley and basil in a pot on your porch or windowsill.

Keep treats hard to reach. If you have a sweet tooth, store your sugary treats where they’re hard to access–say up on a top shelf or even in the freezer. That way you’ll only eat them after making a conscious decision, and won’t find yourself mindlessly munching.



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