I know that when my mom is away she worries about me. Am I throwing parties and trashing The Manor like a rock star? Am I cowering under the covers waiting until she gets home to play with me? Am I bored and ripping the wrapping room to shreds? Well, now she doesn’t have to wonder. A new technology that’s soon to be released allows humans to watch a live stream video from their pet’s perspective via a high-tech collar that’s outfitted with a video camera. Soon, by way of the Motorola Scout 5000, you’ll be able to see what your pet is up to all day, no matter what distance separates you. And, what’s even more amazing, is that your human can talk to you through the collar. So if you need a little comfort or a gentle reprimand, the two of you are always connected. This device is also wonderful for locating pets who wander off. Apologies to any furry friends whose solo travel or party plans I’ve thwarted.


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