I’m a die-hard collector, and while I’ve streamlined my life a lot in the last few years, I still scour eBay looking for the perfect finds to add to my most treasured collections. Here is some of my best advice for shopping Ebay:

Contact the seller directly. If an item is, in your opinion, over-priced, contact the seller and try to make a deal—this is more likely to work if the item has no other bids, or none close to the Buy It Now price. Be polite in your correspondence. The seller is more likely to make a deal if he or she feels that you really want the item and are offering the most you can afford.

Wait to bid. If you’re hoping to pay the lowest possible price for an item, wait to bid until the auction’s about to close—bidding early might just drive up the price.

Get ahead of the trends. When a vintage designer or item suddenly has an “in” moment the prices skyrocket. I know it’s easier said than done, but try to shop for the “next big thing” (assuming it’s something you like of course!) instead of chasing today’s vintage trend.

Shop local first. If you look for sellers within driving distance not only do you save on shipping, you can get extra low prices if you look for listings that say “pick up only.”


Image credit: Bloomua / Shutterstock.com


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