I don’t know that much about art. I am a dog, after all. But one thing I do know is that dogs have always been a common motif in Western art. We are, of course, (wo)man’s best friend, so it only makes sense that puppy portraits go back in time at least as far as the Renaissance. While my mom, who’s an avid art collector, loves a good oil on canvas, there’s also something wonderful about a photograph that perfectly catches a moment – or a buddy – you never want to forget. That’s why we both fell for the photography of Seth Casteel. He shoots the most exquisite underwater dog photos as well as some on land for dogs who don’t dig diving. He has a magic ability to capture us at our finest and funniest moments, from catching a ball in mid-air to snuggling with our stuffed animals.

Seth is also a superhero for shelter dogs, because his nonprofit One Picture Saves a Life teaches humans who work at shelters how to snap pictures of pups to make them look their most adoptable. He really helps animals work their angles!

If you want to arrange a photo shoot just email info@littlefriendsphoto.com for more information.

Image courtesy of Seth Casteel

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