Sometimes starting small with a design project doesn’t mean buying all new furniture. One simple way I find to always have a big pay off is changing pillows on your living room sofa. Pillows can be a very effective way to cross the Ts and dot the Is in your home. If something isn’t quite right, or you’re looking for a bit of a change in your living room, here are some ways to take on a quick redesign with pillows.

Now, there’s no exact science to this – I find that most people keep working on different combination until it all clicks – but there are easy ways to get started. I like to start with a particular color scheme that goes well with the room and, most importantly, the couch! When I choose my main color, I find complimentary colors and then search for pillows with great pattern and texture in that combination of colors. Next, I like to play with sizes like choosing an oversized center pillow and vary the sizes between solid and pattern pillows.

One of my favorite pillow combinations is a small pattern, a large pattern pillow, a textured pillow, an oversized rectangle, and a solid. See what I mean in some the pictures below and get inspired to try something new in your home!

Yellow Prairie Interiors
From Yellow Prairie Interiors


Pillows Domaine Home
Pillows that pack a punch from Orange Drive Design & Domaine Home


Pop Sugar Bedroom Pillows
These same concepts can be applied to your bedroom pillows as seen here in PopSugar!

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