What is it about threes that really makes things click? 3 primary colors, 3 french hens, 3 Angels… and decorating in 3s. Surely you’ve heard of this general interior decoration rule but if you haven’t, this simple guideline will make decorating your home much easier.

The power of 3s is based on our love of odd numbers. Simply put, an odd number of items creates visual interest by keeping our eyes guessing; they don’t provide the balance even numbers do and more depth is created with the objects at hand. 3s can be applied to any part of decorating, big or small. See a few examples below!


Coffee Table

In this coffee table from Elle, see the stack of books, the orchid, and the New York book with a dog on it – these many objects come together to create “three” distinct pieces that peak our interest.

Elle Coffee Table
Photo: Elle


Wall Design

Look above this gorgeous coffee table and couch to see a fantastic set of three. The two wall sconces function as bookends to the painting. Not to mention the 3 pillows on the sofa!

Apt Therapy wall
Photo: Apartment Therapy



Can you spot all the threes in this photo? The three windows, the three shelves in the nightstands, three blades in the fan and three pillows on each side of the bed keep the eyes moving around this seemingly simplistic bedroom!

HGTV threes
Photo: HGTV


If you try these threes, I want to see. 🙂 Tag me in your photos on Instagram. Happy Decorating!



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