The sun in shining (mostly), we’re starting to glisten in the sun and the SPF is out… summer is HERE! It’s a wonderful time of the year in Los Angeles.   Of course it does get a little warm sometimes but usually only lasts a few weeks.   Everyone wants to be outdoors as often as possible and you can find lots of pool parties and barbecues all around the city.

Knowing that there will always be a special occasion in the summer, I liked to get prepared early… Here are 5 of my must-have summer party essentials!

1. Plasticware

Since a lot of entertaining will be near the pool or the ocean you have to be sure to choose plastic tableware over glass.  So many stores carry outdoor tabletop collections and one of my favorites is this cheerful set from Crate & Barrel.

2. Beach towels

Since you will be spending time around the water, you’re going to need to dry off at some point!  It’s a great idea to have extra beach towels around and you can find great quality and good prices at . stores like HomeGoods or Ross! I love this one from Anthropologie, it has me dreaming of just that… 😉

Vacation Towel

3. Punch Recipe

You will definitely need a tasty beverage to keep everyone cool. I love serving a delicious punch for kids and adults.  One of my favorites is the Southern Breeze,  made with blue raspberry ice cubes, pineapple juice and ginger ale.  See the recipe here


4. Signature Dish

It’s fun to find a  crowd pleaser recipe to bring to any occasion. It is nice and easy if you can find one favorite to make throughout the summer! Chances are each party won’t be with the same people and if that does happen, just make sure it’s delicious. 😉 A good dish that can be served cold is the Roasted Shrimp Salad. Trust me, you won’t take any of this one home! Get the recipe here

Roasted Shrimp Salad

5.  SPF

As much as we love being in the sun, make sure to protect your skin!  Get two sunblocks: one to protect your face and the other for rest of your body (no breakouts this summer). Neutrogena makes a great SPF 70 for your face. Yes it looks like a deodorant but it makes applying very easy. Speaking of applying easy, grab a spray can of SPF for the rest of your body – it keeps the mess at bay.

   Neutrogena SPF

Got any other summer must-haves? Let me know in the comments!



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These are great tips Candy! I absolutely love the plasticware. I have some that I like to use for outdoor entertaining, and I never have to worry about them breaking on the hard outdoor surfaces. I would love for you to visit my blog at and my IG @maddiebellahome …I share my passion for decor, fun tablescapes, entertaining, and some great DIY’s. I enjoy following your blog.

Have a beautiful day!



Love the combination color and using small tumblers for drinking. The white flower made it look simple but elegant. Plastic wear is great for our doors, especially by the pool.


Thank you for sharing these amazing ideas, Ms. Spelling!!

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