A dessert bar is a great way to add a visually stunning touch to a party of any size! From showers to potlucks, a dessert bar is always a welcome addition, and with a few simple steps you can turn yours from basic to brilliant.

The Theme

The first step is to choose the theme of your dessert bar. If it’s for a baby or wedding shower, you should consider colors, animals and fonts. You should start with the invitation and incorporate your theme in the design. From there you can start planning your décor. Here a few ideas below: all blue sweets for a boy’s baby shower or an ice cream sandwich bar!

Blue Dessert Bar

Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

The Sweet Stuff

Now that you have chosen your theme, it’s time to pick out the good stuff… the sweets! Since your dessert bar will include lots of choices, you can cut back on the amount of each item. A good ratio is 3-4 small desserts per person from a selection of 5-6 different items. For instance, if you are expecting a group of 15, you’ll want to have about 75 items. I know it sounds like a lot but think about it this way — it’s roughly 2 dozen small cookies (2 different flavors), 2 dozen small cupcakes (2 different flavors) and 2 dozen candies. Remember – not all of these needs to be baked at home, you can purchase the items and display them nicely!

Colorful Dessert Bar

Set The Mood

Now that you’ve picked your theme and sweets, let’s make it look special! Decorating the bar is almost as important as the desserts themselves. From the plates to the flowers, each item adds to the décor.  It’s fun to mix it up with platters of various sizes and heights so everything will be in view. If you do not have tabletop risers, simply use a box or stack of books covered by a tablecloth! Balloons & streamers are an easy and budget friendly way to add big decor without the cost. Don’t forget to label each item – you can print these at home on cardstock.

Dessert Bar

Here are a few dessert recipes that I love!

P.S. – you can turn my Red Velvet Cake recipe into mini cupcakes at home. 😉

Funfetti Gooey Bars

Moon pie cookies
Moon Pie Cookies
Pink Cake Pops
Pink Cake Pops

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