Candles can add so much to the ambiance of a room. If you’re like me, you want to make them last as long as possible so I thought I’d share a few tips to keep them around for awhile!

Start Strong: When you first light a new candle, make sure that the wax melts across the entire surface area of the candle.  This process can take up to 4 hours (depending on the size of the candle). Extinguish the flame once the pool of wax reaches the edges of the vessel. This first burn prevents your candle from tunneling, which is when the outer wax of the candle remains untouched throughout the life of the candle.

Trim the Wick: Repeat after me — “I will trim the wick with each burn.”
Trimming the wick will prevent the vessel from being consumed with smoke and ensure that your candle will burn evenly and slowly.  If the wick is too long, your glass holder will soon be covered in soot! You might want to invest in a wick trimmer like this one from Diptyque – its lifted bevel will prevent the trimmed wick from getting lost in the melted wax and it’s even long enough for a tall candle holder.  It’s also attractive enough to be left in plain sight, unlike scissors or clippers.

Never Blow it Out:  Extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer. Blowing out the flame can damage the wax and life of your candle because particles of the wick get into the wax and will lead to an uneven burn and tunneling candles! It also makes for a better ambiance when you snuff a candle. Your room won’t be left with the scent of smoke.

Know when to extinguish: It’s probably best to extinguish the flame when you notice that it’s flickering or has gotten too high. When it cools off, be sure to trim the wick so you’ll be ready to go next time you light it!

There are many beautiful candles to choose from and here’s a link to a few of my favorites!

candle care 4

Diptyque “Baies”– $62

candle care 3

Jo Malone “Mimosa and Cardamom”– $65

candle care 2

Voluspa Baltic Amber– $24

(Main image via Home Via Laura)

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