Don’t you love a great scarf? For me, after a purse and jewelry, it is the ultimate accessory. A scarf is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe and can be used in any season. I like to find scarves that have the same colors as most of my clothes so I can wear it with anything. The pattern doesn’t matter so much as long as the colors are close or complimentary. With this in mind, and your favorite one in hand, here are 5 ways wear a scarf!

The Classic Loop
This is the “throw on & go” way to wear it. Fold the scarf in half and drape it around the back of your neck. Grab the side with both ends and loop it through the other folded side. Center the “knot” at the front and out the door you go!

5 Ways to Wear A Scarf - Classic Loop
Gif: InStyle


The Half Tie
The half tie can be a sophisticated accessory on any outfit. It’s modern yet relaxed. Start by folding the scarf diagonally and throw it over the back of your shoulders, evenly. Bunch up one side of the scarf so it is completely off your arm. Take the opposite side and wrap it over the other shoulder. Walk out in effortlessly chic style. 😉


5 Ways To Wear A Scarf - Half Tie Scarf
Gif: WhoWhatWear

Small Scarf Necklace
If your scarf is on the smaller side or you are working with a bandana, this is the one for you. Put it on over a simple necklace or two for some visually interesting jewelry stacking! First, fold it diagonally and roll the scarf or bandana to a width you like. Next bring it around the back of your neck and tie it in the front. Add a second knot for more detail. Move the knot to your favorite spot and you are done.

5 Ways to Wear A Scarf - Necklace Scarf
Gif: Glamour


The Hoodie
For those extra breezy evenings, you’ll want this one in your back pocket (and on your head). Turning a large scarf into a hooded wrap is a cinch. First, fold the scarf diagonally, no need to be precise here. Take the folded edge to the top of your forehead and bring the sides down in front of you. Take one side, wrap it around the opposite shoulder and get ready to bear the cold!

5 Ways to Wear A Scarf - Hoodie Scarf
Gif: Cosmopolitan


Wrist It Up!
Who said a scarf has to go on your neck? Not me! Tying one on your wrist can be a great way to accessorize when you don’t have a bracelet you want to wear or simply want to mix it up. Just like you did with the small scarf necklace, fold diagonally and roll it. Next wrap it around your wrist, one layer at a time and scrunch them together when you tie the two ends together. Move it up or down your arm to wherever it feels comfortable and get ready for compliments.

5 Ways to Wear a Scarf - Wrist Wrap Scarf
Gif: Harpers Bazaar


Do you have other ways you love? Let me know in the comments section.



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