Whether you are staying at friend’s house for a week or attending a simple get together, it’s always important to thank your host. No one wants their planning and energy to go unnoticed; organizing a celebration, no matter the scale, is a ton of work that should be recognized. Here are 3 ways to thank your host!

Bring a Gift: No matter the occasion, people love a token of appreciation. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. I think it’s great to bring a small floral arrangement or candle when you are visiting someone’s home. These are no brainers especially for people you do not spend a lot of time with or you are just getting to know. Everyone loves flowers and candles! If the host is a person you are close to you, consider a gift that evokes a memory of a time you spent together. Maybe it’s ticket to an event or concert that you both enjoy, or a reservation to a restaurant you both love. When in doubt, wine or a sweet treat is always a good idea and is appreciated by both the guests and the host!

3 Ways to Thank your host gift guide
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Post on Social Media: These days, everything lives online! Share a photo from the event and tag the host and guests, and make sure to thank them in the caption. It’s also great to snap a photo of a detail that you loved from the event and share that on social media. This small gesture shows the host that you noticed all the details that went into planning and orchestrating their event.

Send a Note: Break out the stationary. Even if you brought a gift to the gathering, it is always a good idea to send a note of appreciation to your host.  No need to write a novel, but make sure you personalize the note. I can sniff out a pre-written thank you note from a mile away! Simply state your appreciation and if possible, share a small anecdote from the party or a special detail. And always hand write these notes!


3 ways to thank your host
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3 ways to thank your host card
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A thank you goes a long way! It’s beyond textbook etiquette. Saying thank you shows that you value your friend’s time and hard work and it is essential to maintaining any relationship.

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