When I scroll through Pinterest, I’m bombarded with amazing shelving that is flawlessly styled. Whether you have bookshelves or built-in units in your home, it can be overwhelming to decide which objects to display. Decide on a color palette and then choose your items accordingly. Below are a few tips to create beautifully curated shelves:

How To Style Shelves
Photo: Summerfield

Have the Right Foundation: You may have a great collection of books and objects but not necessarily the right shelving for display.  Make sure to select a shelving unit that enhances the aesthetic of the room. I find that the simplest shelving units create the greatest impact. If you want your curated shelves to be the focal point of the room opt for a simple shelving unit with clean lines.

How To Style Shelves
Photo: My Domaine

Beyond Books: Don’t limit your shelves to only housing books. It doesn’t have to be completely functional. Use your shelves to display beautiful objects that you’ve collected.  You might also consider adding greenery to give your shelves texture and color. You can sprinkle in books to enhance the design scheme you want to achieve.

How To Style Shelves
Photo: Emily Henderson
How to Style Shelves
Photo: Centsational Girl

Think in Vignettes: What stories do your objects tell? I think it is important that the objects you choose create a story with texture, color, & height. One way to create an impactful story is to add art. Stylist Emily Henderson says adding art “draws your eye to the back of the shelf, thus making it look deeper and bigger and creating a sense of layer.” Take it one shelf at a time.

How to Style Shelves
Photo: Studio McGee

Rule of 3: Objects look best in groupings of 3, 5, or 7. It is balanced without looking overly symmetrical or staged. When you use an even amount of objects, the mind automatically looks for the third object in the sequence.

Let your inner interior designer out. Enjoy creating your very own shelving story. These tips should guide you in the right direction, but don’t forget to have fun with it!

Happy Designing!



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