You’ve booked your holiday travel, you’re packed and ready to head to the airport… the heavy lifting of your trip is almost over!  The last major obstacle before departing on your well-deserved vacation is the airport. Airports can be dreaded just as much as the DMV. However, we can make sure your airport experience goes off without a hitch. Follow these airport tips & tricks so you can leave your stress at security and start enjoying your vacation from your terminal!

  • Check-in Online: Most airlines offer check-in to their flights 24 hours before take off. Take advantage of this technology. If you don’t have a printer at home, simply save the barcode on your smartphone or print it at a self service kiosk at the airport. You’ll get to skip the long line and head straight to security.
Airport Tips
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  • Easy Access To Your Electronics: Here’s an excuse to snag that adorable laptop case you’ve been coveting. It is always a good idea to have your electronics (especially your laptop) in an easily accessible part of your bag since you’ll have to place it in a separate bin at security. Don’t be the person holding up the line struggling through all the compartments of your bag. 😉


Airport Tips
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  • Apply For TSA Pre-check: If you are a frequent flyer, this might be worth the legwork and minor headache. Upon approval, you’ll be one of the lucky people who bypass long lines.


  • To the Left, To the Left: Because the majority of people are right handed, it’s our natural instinct to head to the lines on the right side; it’s just how are brains are programmed. Avoid longer lines by opting for the line to the left. It isn’t foolproof, but it’s a trick worth trying.


Airport Tips
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  • Bring an Empty Water Bottle and Snacks: Airports notoriously have bad & expensive food so why not save $ towards quality meals at your destination. By bringing your own snacks, you won’t be tempted by the plethora of junk food available in airports. Stock up on granola bars, trail mix and fruit snacks at your local grocery store. An empty water bottle will save you from paying jacked up airport prices and most airports now have refilling stations with filtered water. Arriving to your destination full and hydrated will help you conquer jet-lag.


Airport Tips
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  • It Never Hurts To Ask: Smile and politely ask for an upgrade. The worst thing that can happen is that they’ll decline your request. Celebrating something? Find a way to work that into the conversation with flight attendants!


Airport Tips
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  • Catch some ZzzzZ’S: Upon settling into your terminal, try to take a nap. Some airports have fancy little sleeping pods that are very reasonably priced, if not free! These are major game changers for international flights and long layovers. If sleep pods aren’t available, try to find a comfy little nook or corner to unwind in.



Airport Tips
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  • Bring a Scarf That Doubles As A Blanket: Airports can get so cold! They are usually several notches cooler than outside, especially during summer; lucky for you, large blanket-like scarves are very easy to find this season. I always like to pack one, even when I’m going to a tropical location because it is nice to have the comfort of home when you’re traveling. Even if you don’t use it to keep warm, you can use it as a makeshift pillow.


  • Wear Those Heavy Items: Baggage overages can add up! Wear your heaviest clothing items on the plane (i.e. boots and coats) to avoid paying for baggage fees and doing the embarrassing “unzipping and removing items out of your bag in the middle of the airport” routine that we’ve all witnessed.



Hopefully these tips & tricks take the stress and headache out of traveling. Bon Voyage!




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