When family and friends drop by, I’m often left thinking, “what’s something quick, easy, and sweet that I can make to share with a cup of coffee and great conversation.” Well, with only 6 ingredients, this Brown Butter Cinnamon Apples and Whipped Cream bowl of amazingness really works on so many levels. It’s practically apple pie without the crust. By caramelizing the apples for sweetness, you’re really cutting out added sugar too. So, it’s healthy— at least for a dessert. It’s simple. Almost all the ingredients, cinnamon, butter and honey, you probably have in your pantry right now. I got this recipe from the lovely blogger Sarah {Yates} Mora, who has a great blog A House in the Hills, where I go for a lot of clean-eating recipes.  So, next time someone drops by your house, literally whip this great desert up while you chat with them. That’s what I’ll be making this weekend! Oh, and hurry while apples are still so fresh here in southern California.



Recipe from A House in the Hills



1 Fuji apple
1-2 tablespoons brown butter
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon honey
handful of chopped walnuts

  • Place mixing bowl and wire whip attachment into freezer for 15 minutes before starting and make sure your cream is well-chilled.
  • To make brown butter, heat one stick of butter over medium low, stirring often, in a light colored pan. Cook until butter is browned and has a nutty, toasty flavor. Remove from pan and set aside the extra butter.
  • Core and slice apple into thin pieces and add to a medium sauté pan with brown butter and cinnamon.
  • Cook apples over medium-low heat until well softened.
  • While apples are cooking add cream and honey to stand mixer with the wire whip attachment ready to go.



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