Have you ever wondered where that expression came from? And no, this isn’t a post about Madison, although I will do that soon. As the weather’s really been heating up, I happened to have heard that expression two times in the last few days.

Didn’t you just picture it is just so hot that dogs are not very active? Can you believe that it has nothing to do with dogs!

I couldn’t. At least not real dogs!

Apparently, the star Sirius is known as the “dog star,” and as far back as the Egyptians they’ve associated the appearance of that star and its constellation with incredibly hot weather. Of course, this is different depending on where you live, but for ancient Egyptians the constellations became visible in their sky around July 3rd and stopped being visible in August.

In Greek and Roman times, the dates shifted a little later, but for whatever reason, it pretty much just means August to me. Doesn’t it to you? It’s always felt like a late summer phrase. I find it so fascinating when words and phrases take on a life of their own.

Nowadays we all just google everything. But this phrase, and the fact that it’s the first week of August, what I traditionally think of as the start of the dog days of summer, I just had to post about it.

Have a great rest of your summer! It goes so fast.

Here’s a couple links from National Geographic and Weather.com in case you want to read more!

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