Perfect Can’t-Miss Hostess Gifts

When staying at a friend’s home, whether for a night or longer, you want to bring an amazing gift as a thank you. But what to give? At my stage in life my friends have everything they need, and many are trying to de-clutter—so the last thing I want to do it give a “gift”…More

How to Politely Decline an Invitation

You’ve been there—you’re invited to the concert of a performer you don’t love or a to a party that sounds like a snooze. And even though your calendar is empty that night, you just don’t want to go. What to do? Keep your excuse simple. Don’t invent a complex lie—you could get get caught or…More

How to Look Cool in the Heat

I think we’ve now entered the “dog days” of summertime, so I thought I’d share my tips for looking polished in the heat. LA has had a hot (and relatively humid!) summer so far, and I’ve definitely survived my share of 90+ degree days. Stick to lights and brights. Dark colors absorb heat, while light…More

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