De-Clutter Your Beauty Cabinet

Much like spring cleaning, the start of fall is a great time to clean up and de-clutter to kick off the new season on an organized note. One area that can get unruly quickly is the cabinets or drawers where you store personal care products. Because these items are small you may not realize that you…More

Perfect Can’t-Miss Hostess Gifts

When staying at a friend’s home, whether for a night or longer, you want to bring an amazing gift as a thank you. But what to give? At my stage in life my friends have everything they need, and many are trying to de-clutter—so the last thing I want to do it give a “gift”…More

How to Politely Decline an Invitation

You’ve been there—you’re invited to the concert of a performer you don’t love or a to a party that sounds like a snooze. And even though your calendar is empty that night, you just don’t want to go. What to do? Keep your excuse simple. Don’t invent a complex lie—you could get get caught or…More