3 "Secret" LA Hotels

Staying in a hotel owned by a big chain is a safe bet, but it’s not the best way to get the feel for the heart and soul of a city. Boutique hotels and B&Bs can make a tourist feel almost like a local, a sensation that isn’t easy to achieve in a sprawling city … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: Personalized M&Ms

Parties feel so much more festive with a personal or custom touch, so why not create some one-of-a-kind M&Ms for your next special occasion! The My M&Ms website makes it incredibly easy to do. You can order M&Ms in the colors of your choice emblazoned with custom messages, logos and even photos. M&Ms with the … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: The Prettiest Outdoor Plates

The season for picnics and patio dining is upon us, so why not elevate the look of your outdoor affairs with some beautiful but practical plates?  The whimsical, Pucci-esqe print on the Middletons Melamine Plate Set by Poketo makes them look like high-end china, but they are sturdy enough to be used outside again and … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: Food52 Genius Recipes Cookbook

Just when you think your personal cookbook library is complete, a new one comes along with recipes and tips that you can’t believe you haven’t read before. That’s the case with Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook. It’s a collection of recipes from celebrity chefs and other foodies, curated … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: Pie Boxes and Totes

You’ve been there: You’re bringing a homemade pie, cake or tart to a party or dinner but don’t have the right bag for transporting it. Some bags are too big and the pie will slide around, others are too small. The flip side of this challenge is when you want to send somebody home with … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: The Coolest Balloons

As a staple of childhood birthday parties and other celebrations, balloons have such happy associations. But there’s no reason to deny yourself the joyful effect of balloons, even at completely adult-focused events. I love the fabulous balloons on the website Drop It Modern and I think you will too. Both whimsical and sophisticated, they include … Continue Reading