Tune Into Your Intuition

I find it tempting to over-think things, especially big decisions, but I’ve learned that sometimes thinking too much makes it harder to recognize the right path to take. Analyzing a situation ad nauseum can be less productive than trusting your intuition. Here are a few tips on how to tune into your inner voice: Distract … Continue Reading

Food Swaps for a Healthy New Year

You’re probably trying to eat more healthfully this month (I know I am) whether to lose weight gained over the holidays or just to kick off 2015 on a healthy note. Since diets just make us feel deprived, I think it’s better to focus on smart food swaps rather than on eating less. Here are … Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Tips

I love giving gifts at the holidays, but it can present some sticky issues. What if somebody gives a gift to you when you weren’t expecting it? (And you’re not prepared with something to give in return). Who should you gift, and how? Here’s a little advice: Prep a few “extra” gifts. It’s smart to … Continue Reading

How to Make Gratitude a Habit

Soon after the calendar flips to November I start mentally planning a Thanksgiving menu (yum!) and anticipating the joy of the holidays. The days and weeks leading up to Thanksgiving are a great time to focus on being grateful for our blessings. And gratitude isn’t just a feel-good sentiment—there is evidence that feeling grateful is … Continue Reading

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Shopping is part art, part science, and everyone makes mistakes now and again. Of course, most things can be returned for a credit or refund, but returns are a hassle and shipping is an expense—better to choose right in the first place. Buyer’s remorse is one form of guilt you might as well extricate from … Continue Reading

How to Politely Decline an Invitation

You’ve been there—you’re invited to the concert of a performer you don’t love or a to a party that sounds like a snooze. And even though your calendar is empty that night, you just don’t want to go. What to do? Keep your excuse simple. Don’t invent a complex lie—you could get get caught or … Continue Reading