3 Holiday Party Outfits

The season is upon us! Your December calendar has all the holiday parties penciled in already and the last thing you want is to show up in your tired pencil skirt again. A great holiday party outfit must be festive, comfortable and warm and it’s not always easy to pull off all 3. Here are … Continue Reading

Easy Dinner Party Menu

I love a good dinner party. I love showing up to a friend’s home with fresh flowers and greeting my fellow attendees. What I don’t like seeing is a friend who is overwhelmed with throwing a dinner party! It can be a lot to have a few guests over for a meal and often takes … Continue Reading

The Best Source for Party Supplies

You know I love a great party, so I was thrilled to discover a new source for chic party decor: the Oh Happy Day! online store. This one-stop shop offers everything you need to make any event–from a dinner to a big bash–look like it was designed by a professional event planner.  It features all … Continue Reading

A Valentine’s Day Dinner Party

People love to discount Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark holiday” invented by florists and card companies, but if you opt out of the commercial aspect it’s just a great opportunity to celebrate love with people you love (or at least like a lot!). And this year Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday, so it’s a … Continue Reading

Perfect Party Ice Breakers

When hosting a party with a mix of people (which all the best parties have—see my tips on putting together a guest list) it’s fun to have an activity of some kind to break the ice and get people mingling. Here are three can’t-fail ideas: Detective game: At the beginning of the gathering, hand everybody … Continue Reading

How to Entertain with Children

Throwing a party for both adults and kids is great fun—there’s a vibrant energy to multi-generational gatherings. But it can be stressful to entertain multiple age groups. Here are a few ideas for keeping kids happy (and out of their parents’ hair) at parties: Offer kid-friendly finger food: As you know, kids can be picky … Continue Reading