Aaron Spelling’s Television Legacy

I was married to one of the great storytellers of all time.  My late husband, Aaron Spelling, rewrote pop culture with his shows.  The Mod Squad and Dynasty dictated fashion trends.  (Nolan Miller’s fashions from Dynasty became instantly recognizable.)  It was all about the hair in Charlie’s Angels. Fantasy Island and The Love Boat are … Continue Reading

Where I Go, You Go…with the Motorola Scout 500

I know that when my mom is away she worries about me. Am I throwing parties and trashing The Manor like a rock star? Am I cowering under the covers waiting until she gets home to play with me? Am I bored and ripping the wrapping room to shreds? Well, now she doesn’t have to … Continue Reading

Howl-i-day Films!

The holidays are the best time of year to curl up on the couch and watch movies! While I enjoy watching sports, American Greed and 90210 reruns, nothing beats the magic of the movies. Here are a few new and old classics that feature furry friends – and heartwarming storylines perfect for this time of … Continue Reading