Where To Shop in Paris

My Paris series continues and this time it’s time for shopping. If I’m taking time away from arts and culture to shop while on vacation, I want it to be part of an experience. I don’t want to spend time somewhere that is the same experience as shopping in Los Angeles, I want to feel … Continue Reading

Vintage Broadway

The glitz, the glamor, the lights… they are still alive and well in NYC. We’re days away from previews beginning for The Color Purple on Broadway and spending some time in the Big Apple lead me back here. I was always a fan of Broadway shows & theater growing up. I took in these bright … Continue Reading

The Color Purple on Broadway

As you know, I have a hand or two in Broadway. It was always a passion of mine and now, as I embark on the debut of my 5th musical, I couldn’t be more proud of the work that has been accomplished. The Color Purple makes its return to Broadway next month 2 years after … Continue Reading

Viva Las Candy!

My 70th birthday was a blast. I never imagined myself saying that, let alone putting it on a blog, yet here I am telling you all about it. The week started when my son Randy made a surprise visit to my actual 70th birthday dinner! He had all of my friends and family wish me … Continue Reading

Where To Eat in Paris

Paris has an unfathomable amount of restaurants. They all smell fantastic, look charming as ever, have beautiful people to wait on you, and, so it seems, a croque monsieur on the menu. As you know, my love for this city knows no bounds and the essence, the beginnings of Paris are captured in each historic … Continue Reading

Historic Las Vegas

To celebrate my recent birthday, I’m heading to Las Vegas with some of my closest friends. While preparing for my trip, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane to revisit Vegas of old. Things were definitely as glitzy back in the day but not like they are now. Check out some of the … Continue Reading