My Accessorizing Rules

The right accessories can turn a simple outfit into an absolutely spectacular one. Here are some guidelines for accenting your look without going overboard: Mix (a Little), Don’t Match (too Much): The days of shoes matching handbags and earrings pairing with necklaces are over, unless you’re Queen Elizabeth. It looks more modern and interesting to … Continue Reading

The Most Flattering Outfit

Every woman’s body is unique, so a dress that looks drop-dead on your friend could make you feel like a shapeless blob, and vice versa. But that caveat aside, there are a few pieces that are pretty much universally flattering, and they’re the ones I always reach for when I’m not quite sure what to … Continue Reading

3 Easy Style Updates for Fall

Fall is officially here, whether or not you can tell from the weather. With the new season you might be craving a style makeover, so I rounded up a few easy ideas for looking chic and up-to-date without having to invest in an entirely new wardrobe. Here are three top trends to try to give … Continue Reading

How to Look Cool in the Heat

I think we’ve now entered the “dog days” of summertime, so I thought I’d share my tips for looking polished in the heat. LA has had a hot (and relatively humid!) summer so far, and I’ve definitely survived my share of 90+ degree days. Stick to lights and brights. Dark colors absorb heat, while light … Continue Reading

How to Find Your Most Flattering Colors

Although some people would have you believe otherwise, discovering your best colors is more art than science. Here are a few flexible tips I’ve picked up on how to wear your most flattering colors: It’s all about undertones. Most people’s skin has either warm or cool undertones, and these are separate from skin color (dark-skinned … Continue Reading

How to Care for Clothes So They Last and Last

Sure, there’s a thrill to purchasing a great new dress or jacket, but I find it just as satisfying (maybe more so) to slip into an item of clothing I’ve owned for years. I often find myself passing over a newer outfit in favor of wearing a time-tested one that has worked for me season … Continue Reading