Tips for Picking Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a year round staple to your wardrobe if you live in a place like sunny Los Angeles. Not only are they an essential accessory, they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be challenging, especially with so many different styles to choose from. Here are … Continue Reading

My Sandwich Technique

When I was writing my first book, Stories from Candyland, my son Randy reminded me of my quirky sandwich habit: an even distribution of ingredients! It may sound funny but I live by the rule that the middle of the sandwich must be proportionate to the sides or the last bite won’t nearly be as … Continue Reading

Breaking In Boots With Ease

These boots are made for breakin’ in! Everyone loves wearing boots this time of year and I like them because boots are the most comfortable shoes I own. I know it usually takes a little time to break them in so I thought I might share some of the tips I’ve found over the years: Step … Continue Reading

Clean Eating Snacks

One thing that can be challenging about embarking on a clean eating diet in the New Year is the lack of variety, especially when it pertains to snacks. It’s fairly simple to maintain a clean diet throughout the 3 staple meals, but people often run into problems when they reach for a snack. Snack foods … Continue Reading

Easy To Keep New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year where we get to look back on 2016 and reflect on the year. Some of us commit to big resolutions in the New Year. Pledging to lose weight and save money can be easy resolutions to break. Small resolutions can be just as meaningful and easier to keep. Here are … Continue Reading

New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration

And just like that, Christmas is over! The next major event on the horizon and the best excuse to get dolled up is New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re heading out for a big party or counting down from the comfort of your living room, here are a 3 outfit ideas to put an end to … Continue Reading