Aaron Spelling’s Television Legacy

I was married to one of the great storytellers of all time.  My late husband, Aaron Spelling, rewrote pop culture with his shows.  The Mod Squad and Dynasty dictated fashion trends.  (Nolan Miller’s fashions from Dynasty became instantly recognizable.)  It was all about the hair in Charlie’s Angels. Fantasy Island and The Love Boat are … Continue Reading

Tips for Train Travel

I have some wonderful memories of traveling by train with Aaron and the kids. Since Aaron didn’t fly we took an epic cross country journey via train. Although it’s not usually the most efficient way to get to your destination (and you won’t get the best sleep of your life on an overnight train) there … Continue Reading

How to Make Small Talk

Aaron was a master at making conversation with anyone, from Prince Charles to the busboy at a restaurant. Unfortunately, chatting with strangers doesn’t come easily for many of us. As I wrote in Candy at Last, Aaron and I spent our third or fourth date working on improving my social skills.  Here are a few tips … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: My New Book!

To me, one is almost never enough of, well, anything!  So I certainly couldn’t stop at one book, and my second memoir will be released next week – on May 6th to be exact.  I had so much fun writing Stories from Candyland that I couldn’t resist doing another. Over the past couple of years, I … Continue Reading