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Perfect Party Ice Breakers

When hosting a party with a mix of people (which all the best parties have—see my tips on putting together a guest list) it’s fun to have an activity of some kind to break the ice and get people mingling. Here are three can’t-fail ideas: Detective game: At the beginning of the gathering, hand everybody…More

How to Organize Your Book Collection

I love a good book, and think that shelves filled with books bring a wonderful look and feel to a room. But books can be tricky to organize, and if you don’t create a system you’ll find that your books just gather dust. The goal of organizing books is to make it as easy as…More

How to Entertain with Children

Throwing a party for both adults and kids is great fun—there’s a vibrant energy to multi-generational gatherings. But it can be stressful to entertain multiple age groups. Here are a few ideas for keeping kids happy (and out of their parents’ hair) at parties: Offer kid-friendly finger food: As you know, kids can be picky…More

De-Clutter Your Beauty Cabinet

Much like spring cleaning, the start of fall is a great time to clean up and de-clutter to kick off the new season on an organized note. One area that can get unruly quickly is the cabinets or drawers where you store personal care products. Because these items are small you may not realize that you…More