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Decorating Idea: Removable Wallpaper

Nothing adds style and visual texture to a room like beautiful wallpaper, but few decorating decisions feel so momentous. After all, if you have wallpaper hung and decide you don’t like it, that’s a hassle and an expensive mistake. But wallpaper has become stress-free thanks to the new crop of removable wallpapers. Chic designs from companies…

Tune Into Your Intuition

I find it tempting to over-think things, especially big decisions, but I’ve learned that sometimes thinking too much makes it harder to recognize the right path to take. Analyzing a situation ad nauseum can be less productive than trusting your intuition. Here are a few tips on how to tune into your inner voice: Distract…

How to Be an Organized Pet Owner

Pets bring endless joy to our lives but they also bring so much . . . stuff. All the bowls, brushes, leashes, treats and other pet essentials can really clutter up your space if you’re not careful. Here a are a few tools you can be organized and prepared for anything: An organizing tote: A…

Clever Travel Money-Savers

If you love to travel then you can find a way to see the world on any budget. Here are a few tips for saving money on travel expenses, so you’ll have more to spend on your next adventure! See the world in “shoulder” seasons.  You’ll save a bundle if you avoid a destination’s “high”…