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Pick of the Month: Food52 Genius Recipes Cookbook

Just when you think your personal cookbook library is complete, a new one comes along with recipes and tips that you can’t believe you haven’t read before. That’s the case with Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook. It’s a collection of recipes from celebrity chefs and other foodies, curated…

Where to Find Affordable Art

Finding beautiful and distinctive art doesn’t require an advanced degree in art history or a huge budget. If you have empty walls (or your rooms just need a refresh), consider these sources of affordable art: Online galleries: The internet has made fine art available to all at some very reasonable prices. On The Posters, you’ll find…

4 Apps to Keep You Organized

There’s an app for absolutely everything these days, but it’s still rare to discover one that you actually use more than a few times. The best apps make your life run more smoothly, and these four fit the bill: Key Ring: If you love loyalty and reward cards from stores where you shop frequently, then…

Decorating Idea: Removable Wallpaper

Nothing adds style and visual texture to a room like beautiful wallpaper, but few decorating decisions feel so momentous. After all, if you have wallpaper hung and decide you don’t like it, that’s a hassle and an expensive mistake. But wallpaper has become stress-free thanks to the new crop of removable wallpapers. Chic designs from companies…