Tips for Unforgettable Road Trips

It’s time to plan summer travel, and you’re lucky if your plans include a road trip. During almost four decades married to a man who didn’t fly, I took quite a few road trips. Traveling by car is a wonderful way to get a fresh perspective on our beautiful country. To help you enjoy the … Continue Reading

eBay Shopping Tips

I’m a die-hard collector, and while I’ve streamlined my life a lot in the last few years, I still scour eBay looking for the perfect finds to add to my most treasured collections. Here is some of my best advice for shopping Ebay: Contact the seller directly. If an item is, in your opinion, over-priced, contact … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: The Prettiest Outdoor Plates

The season for picnics and patio dining is upon us, so why not elevate the look of your outdoor affairs with some beautiful but practical plates?  The whimsical, Pucci-esqe print on the Middletons Melamine Plate Set by Poketo makes them look like high-end china, but they are sturdy enough to be used outside again and … Continue Reading

Get Organized for Healthier Eating

The secret to eating better is planning ahead. With a little organization you can ensure that the next time you’re hungry you’ll reach for something delicious and body-friendly. Here are a few tips for making healthy eating easier: Prep produce in advance. Get in the habit of cleaning and prepping your fruits and veggies as soon as … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: Food52 Genius Recipes Cookbook

Just when you think your personal cookbook library is complete, a new one comes along with recipes and tips that you can’t believe you haven’t read before. That’s the case with Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook. It’s a collection of recipes from celebrity chefs and other foodies, curated … Continue Reading

Where to Find Affordable Art

Finding beautiful and distinctive art doesn’t require an advanced degree in art history or a huge budget. If you have empty walls (or your rooms just need a refresh), consider these sources of affordable art: Online galleries: The internet has made fine art available to all at some very reasonable prices. On The Posters, you’ll find … Continue Reading