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Tune Into Your Intuition

I find it tempting to over-think things, especially big decisions, but I’ve learned that sometimes thinking too much makes it harder to recognize the right path to take. Analyzing a situation ad nauseum can be less productive than trusting your intuition. Here are a few tips on how to tune into your inner voice: Distract…

How to Be an Organized Pet Owner

Pets bring endless joy to our lives but they also bring so much . . . stuff. All the bowls, brushes, leashes, treats and other pet essentials can really clutter up your space if you’re not careful. Here a are a few tools you can be organized and prepared for anything: An organizing tote: A…

Clever Travel Money-Savers

If you love to travel then you can find a way to see the world on any budget. Here are a few tips for saving money on travel expenses, so you’ll have more to spend on your next adventure! See the world in “shoulder” seasons.  You’ll save a bundle if you avoid a destination’s “high”…

Pick of the Month: Pie Boxes and Totes

You’ve been there: You’re bringing a homemade pie, cake or tart to a party or dinner but don’t have the right bag for transporting it. Some bags are too big and the pie will slide around, others are too small. The flip side of this challenge is when you want to send somebody home with…

A Valentine’s Day Dinner Party

People love to discount Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark holiday” invented by florists and card companies, but if you opt out of the commercial aspect it’s just a great opportunity to celebrate love with people you love (or at least like a lot!). And this year Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday, so it’s a…