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How to Stock Enough Food and Drink for a Party

When you’re planning a cocktail party, it’s easy to stress out about whether you have enough food and drink.  Nothing is worse than running out before the end of the party, but then you don’t want to blow your budget and be left with tons of leftovers either.  Here are a few pointers I’ve picked…More

Pick of the Month: Mobile Mini Speakers

Now that CDs have gone the way of the vinyl disk and the eight-track tape, we find ourselves listening to music stored on or streamed through computers and mobile devices. But computer and cell phone speakers don’t do music justice, so I rely on these cute and portable Brookstone Mobile Mini Speakers to make music…More

How to Find Your Most Flattering Colors

Although some people would have you believe otherwise, discovering your best colors is more art than science. Here are a few flexible tips I’ve picked up on how to wear your most flattering colors: It’s all about undertones. Most people’s skin has either warm or cool undertones, and these are separate from skin color (dark-skinned…More

De-Clutter and Do Good

It feels great to clear the clutter out of your house and even better if you donate your unneeded stuff to somebody who will really use it. While it’s easy to haul everything to Good Will or the Salvation Army and be done with it, in many cases you can do more good by giving…More