5 Summer Party Essentials

The sun in shining (mostly), we’re starting to glisten in the sun and the SPF is out… summer is HERE! It’s a wonderful time of the year in Los Angeles.   Of course it does get a little warm sometimes but usually only lasts a few weeks.   Everyone wants to be outdoors as often … Continue Reading

Decorating With 3s

What is it about threes that really makes things click? 3 primary colors, 3 french hens, 3 Angels… and decorating in 3s. Surely you’ve heard of this general interior decoration rule but if you haven’t, this simple guideline will make decorating your home much easier. The power of 3s is based on our love of … Continue Reading

Vintage Broadway

The glitz, the glamor, the lights… they are still alive and well in NYC. We’re days away from previews beginning for The Color Purple on Broadway and spending some time in the Big Apple lead me back here. I was always a fan of Broadway shows & theater growing up. I took in these bright … Continue Reading

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

November, how on earth did you get here so quickly? These next few weeks until Thanksgiving are going to breeze by with the fallen leaves. You’re probably thinking about planning your holiday and there’s always a moment of panic to get the house ready just before. Instead, this year, I’m outlining a few steps you … Continue Reading

Storing Shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes. The thing we love to shop til we drop. Keep your shoes in their best condition is essential to have a functioning foot wardrobe, however, we all know how difficult it is to store them properly. Let’s address some of your big concerns and get you walking on an organized path. I’ve … Continue Reading

Spelling Family Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner & everyone getting into the spirit, I decided to dig through the Spelling archives for our Halloween photos. We definitely went all out with our costumes from Snow White to brides to bears to gangsters & more. Enjoy!