Adding Greenery To Your Space

Plants are our friends for so many reasons. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which purifies the air we breathe. Some studies even show that having plants in your home can boost healing from certain conditions, reduce stress, and sharpen focus. I love the added health benefits that plants bring to our lives, yet … Continue Reading

Accent Colors Made Easy

Choosing the ideal combination of colors in a room can be the trickiest part of decorating–too many colors looks chaotic, while too few looks incredibly dull. But getting the “just right” mix of colors results in a chic and gorgeous room that looks like it was decorated by a pricey pro designer, even if you … Continue Reading

How to Organize Your Book Collection

I love a good book, and think that shelves filled with books bring a wonderful look and feel to a room. But books can be tricky to organize, and if you don’t create a system you’ll find that your books just gather dust. The goal of organizing books is to make it as easy as … Continue Reading