Staffordshire Ceramic Dogs

Staffordshire dogs are collectible ceramics from the Victorian Era. They were displayed and admired on mantels from the 1840’s through the 1890’s and are highly sought after collectibles today. Staffordshire dogs are originally from the County of Staffordshire in England, where many pottery companies are located. The peak of their popularity was at the end … Continue Reading

How to Be an Organized Pet Owner

Pets bring endless joy to our lives but they also bring so much . . . stuff. All the bowls, brushes, leashes, treats and other pet essentials can really clutter up your space if you’re not careful. Here a are a few tools you can be organized and prepared for anything: An organizing tote: A … Continue Reading

Pet-Proof Your Décor

As you know I adore my pooch Madison (and have loved many other pets over the years) but I also adore having a beautiful home. And no matter how well-trained a pet, they are still animals, and they drool and shed and do not brush muddy feet on the doormat before walking inside. Here are … Continue Reading