Sneak Peek of Candy’s Gift Wrapping Room

    My gift wrapping room is one of my favorite rooms in the Manor in the Sky. I take gift-giving very seriously! Expressing my gratitude in the form of a beautifully wrapped present is extremely important to me. It’s a thoughtful way to show the gift recipient that you took the time and energy … Continue Reading

Perfect Can’t-Miss Hostess Gifts

When staying at a friend’s home, whether for a night or longer, you want to bring an amazing gift as a thank you. But what to give? At my stage in life my friends have everything they need, and many are trying to de-clutter—so the last thing I want to do it give a “gift” … Continue Reading

Cute Craft: Candy Bar Christmas Tree

If you’re like me you look for original, not-too-expensive gift ideas at this time of year, and my candy bar Christmas tree fits the bill. They’re super-easy to craft yourself, and make a more personal gift than a bottle of wine or box of store-bought chocolates. Give candy trees to holiday hostesses, children’s teachers and any helpful people … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: The Pocket Hose

It’s pretty rare to discover an invention that makes your daily life easier, but the Pocket Hose is truly a game changer for anybody who loves plants and flowers as much as I do. This “as seen on TV” gadget is super tiny and tidy when not in use—one fits in the palm of your … Continue Reading