How to “Shop Your Closet”

With the arrival of spring you probably feel like you need some new clothes. But before you pull out your credit card, try “shopping your closet” to discover old items that might feel new again. Here are a few tips on how to go about it: Dig deep. Bring out pieces from the back of … Continue Reading

The Most Flattering Outfit

Every woman’s body is unique, so a dress that looks drop-dead on your friend could make you feel like a shapeless blob, and vice versa. But that caveat aside, there are a few pieces that are pretty much universally flattering, and they’re the ones I always reach for when I’m not quite sure what to … Continue Reading

Pick of the Month: Waistband Extender

As I wrote about candidly in my book Candy at Last, I had to learn to watch my waistline once I hit mid-life, so I know what a struggle it can sometimes be to keep yourself from bumping up to the next pants size! If your weight tends to fluctuate a bit, the Easy Fit … Continue Reading

3 Easy Style Updates for Fall

Fall is officially here, whether or not you can tell from the weather. With the new season you might be craving a style makeover, so I rounded up a few easy ideas for looking chic and up-to-date without having to invest in an entirely new wardrobe. Here are three top trends to try to give … Continue Reading